Imperial Land Group

The principal business of the group is real estate development focused on residential housing for the medium to high income sector. Most of the projects were targeted to be developed in Bangkok and local area. The group has attempted to create a balance between a quantitative and qualitative strategy to achieve high quality products.

Construction update for Imperial Ocean Palms September2012

Imperial Ocean Palms construction has been affected by the unusually heavy rain fall this year, the result is that construction has fall back by some two months. The internal work is going well; however, external work has been delayed.

Construction on Lavender is has now reached 90 per cent, the front doors have been fitted and all units are now secured, the final touches to the units are now in progress and we shall see the building 98 per cent finished at the end of September and 100 per cent complete by mid to end of October.

Jasmine floors 5,4,3 are now tiled and awaiting final second fixing, the 2 and 1 floors are progressing, with the framework to the pool units being constructed now. The upper walk ways now have fire hoses installed. Window and air conditioning will follow in the next month.

Lotus building is now at roof level with the first and second floor rooms being formed, the third floor is now clear of all scaffolding with only the fourth floor with scaffolding left.

The updated photographs will show the three buildings and as you will see the swimming pool is now in construction and will be complete, weather permitting in early September.

The security wall to the front elevation is now complete and the rear of Lavender is ready for plastering, the road to Lavender section is now being built and should be completed within the next two weeks and then the plastering will be carried out.

Due to the rain fall the road to the rear of the building has still not been started so access to Lavender and Jasmine is still difficult, the contractors had indicated that as soon as the weather improves they will start the road area which will make getting in and out of the project much easier.

There will be a mock up room available for viewing in Lavender in the next month, and we are considering adding to that a mock up room in Lotus, subject to construction needs.

We had anticipated completion at the end of December 2012, however, the poor weather means a small delay and once we can see an improvement the rainy season we will be able to give all buyers and potential clients a much better idea of the completion date.

Imperial Ocean Palms Team.